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D300 Asks Parents and Guardians to Activate Their Infinite Campus Parent Portal Accounts by March 31, 2015

In an effort to expedite the school registration process for all families, District 300 will transition to an online registration process this spring.

Our Weekly Wednesday Flyers continue to be posted during the day each Wednesday.  An e-mail reminder will be sent with a direct link to the handouts.  A cover page lets you know everything enclosed.  It is in PDF format so it can be easily received by you.  Stay involved by reading these handouts.  They will continue to be posted for future reference.  Enjoy your reading!

The Website calendar is up to date for 2016-2017.  Please continue to check the website calendar or review the Weekly Wednesday Flyers to stay up to date for newly added upcoming events.

Pardon our look right now.  Our calendar is up to date along with our news.  Teachers will be working to update their  websites.  Parents - please be sure to go the to Parents Tab and find the ALES PTO Website. On the bottom right side - please be sure to subscribe to receiving updated announcements as they are posted.  Contact us through the e-mail link above or call our office at 847 532-7500 if you need immediate information. 

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