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Students are treated to hot cocoa at recess January 17th as a celebration of their excellent behaviors.

PBIS celebrates a reduction of office referrals -

February 20, 2014  9 - 5:30 Traditional half day and full day parent paid K Academy are being offered. Full Day K Academy is being offered - First Come - First Serve -  you choose how early you want to be at the school.  Go to the Parent tab for more information.

PLEASE note the elementary school calendar for 12:00 Early Release: 
Feb 27, April 17, May 9.   Regular hours for PM Kindergarten.

April 22nd will be a regular day of school to make up for a snow day

May 29th is the last day of school

  Feb 3, 2014 Lots of counting activities for kindergarten to celebrate 100th Day of school!

Algonquin Lakes Lion ROOOOARS to Respect Ourselves, Respect Others and Respect Our Environment!


Content Building

Our Weekly Wednesday Flyers continue to be posted during the day each Wednesday.  An e-mail reminder will be sent with a direct link to the handouts.  A cover page lets you know everything enclosed.  It is in PDF format so it can be easily received by you.  Stay involved by reading these handouts.  They will continue to be posted for future reference.  Enjoy your reading!

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